Sofina Foods Inc. is dedicated to providing great tasting, high quality food products for retail and foodservice companies. As protein experts Sofina Foods Inc. help their brands and their customers’ brands develop and distribution products. Their family of brands include Mastro, San Daniele, Janes, Lilydale and Fletchers, to name a few.

Since 2006




Due to the size of Sofina Foods Inc. and the number of brands they represent, we work with alongside a handful of marketing teams. With each campaign, the product that is advertised must not only be showcased as an appetizing product, but it also has to represent the parent brand.



Print is still a key component for almost all Sofina Foods Inc. marketing projects. Almost all of their advertising is done in grocery stores and super markets. Each campaign is usually spanned across a variety of print materials, so it is imperative that we create something that can work in different dimensions and materials. From tent cards on a deli counter, to window clings and danglers, we’re sure you’ll recognize some of these brands because of our careful implementation of consistent, yet creative branding.



A majority of the brands that we created packaging for already have a strong brand presence and a cohesive look to all their products. Our challenge is to update the packaging while maintaining brand recognition. Our goal remains ensuring the product look as appealing as possible, while communicating a message and product name that is clean and concise. The main goal is for each product to jump out at you when they are on the shelf amongst their competition.

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