Neil Vanderkruk Holdings Inc. (Connon NVK) is one of Canada’s largest wholesale nurseries serving customers throughout Canada and several Northeastern U.S. states. Operating in the West Flamborough area on 850 acres, with an additional 250 acres under contract production this mega brand relies on more than 100 specialty nurseries from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe to grow specific stock to round out their own inventory.

Since 2000




Each year we create the Connon NVK catalogue. Our annual goal is to to create a new theme that works alongside the brand and can be spanned across a range of promotional material. Each theme has to differ from the previous year as these catalogues are not only used for consumers, but also as educational tools.



Every year, the first thing we do for Connon NVK is create the cover of the new catalogue. This sets the theme as well as the colour palette for the rest of the project. Given that this is a catalogue for plants, each year the theme is based around this central concept. After creating the whole catalogue, we create a variety of ads to promote the release of the new catalogue and promote the business as a whole.

Construction Related Projects

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