Mucho Burrito is an authentic Mexican food chain founded in 2006 in Mississauga, Ontario and has since grown to 80+ locations across Canada, USA and the UK. With the made-to-order gourmet style food, Mucho Burrito focuses on adding new twists and trend savvy alternatives to traditional Mexican fare. Their mission is to serve real food that embodies a fresh Mexican Grill.

Since 2010




An increase in brand awareness has helped Mucho Burrito increase business by 5-10% across their franchise system.



Working with a pre-existing brand guideline and promotional materials, the strategy for all Mucho Burrito projects is to stay on brand with clear and concise messaging. Using a range of elements, we created a variety of projects that helped Mucho Burrito expand their brand and share their story.



The menu is a key component in all of Mucho Burrito’s stores. We have helped them create their in house menu boards, but also the take away menus (for regular and catering menus). Each element reflects the Mucho Burrito brand, but work together to read as a cohesive menu piece.

Along with the menus, we created a wide range of print collateral to reflect their monthly promotions. Each promotion not only has to have its own look that stays on brand, but it also has to be designed in a way to differentiate one promotion from the rest. These materials range from window clings, to flyers and even large-scale billboards.

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