Martin Mills

Martin Mills is an animal based nutrition company. Focusing on small pet and equine, Martin Mills has a wide range of product lines in the private market. Special Moments, Little Friends, Profishent and Simple Dog Food all have unique looks to target different pet owners.

Since 2006



Working with a range of brands for Martin Mills, we focus on creative elements that fit the target market of each individual brands, matching its unique look and feel. With the density of the pet food market, the key to any Martin Mills project is to make sure their packaging stands out on the shelf.


Partnering with As Advertising has helped Martin Mills increase business by 30%.



Little Friends: Working with what was already developed for the Little Friends product lines years ago, we made some slight modifications to refresh the brand elements and modernize the packaging. Using contrasting bright colours and small animal imagery we created a look that appeals to its audience and distinguishes the product from the competition on the shelves.

Special Moments: With equine products on the rise, we were again focused on creating product packaging that differentiates the brand from the competition. With Special Moments Horse treats, we not only created bright and colourful packaging, but designed specialized elements to highlight the different flavours. By incorporating side windows with the actual product shot, the consumer is drawn in by the strategic design, and is able to see the actual product they are feeding their horse before purchasing it.

Print/Advertising: Depending on the project, the print and advertising campaigns either remain on brand with each product line, or they remain quite generic to be able to incorporate all products. This flexibility strengthens the brand recognition for each line while also incorporating specific elements from each to help differentiate between products.