Great Lakes Agra Corporation is based in Centralia, Ontario with subsidiaries operating in the states of Florida and Texas. The company provides agricultural products and services to the northeast Canadian and U.S. markets, as well as the southeast and south central United States.

January, 2019




Great Lakes Agra wanted to start with refreshing their brand and overall image. Taking elements and colours from their existing logo, we were able to enhance their existing brand and make it reflect more of what Great Lakes Agra is about. We had to come up with a brand and logo that was flexible enough to work with a variety of package designs, ads for different products and a variety of web and print collateral.



Starting off with stationary, we provided business cards, letterheads, presentation folders, along with guidelines for the staff at Great Lakes Agra to create their own documents that stay within brand standards. As Great Lakes Agra expands, rolls out new products and participates in tradeshows, they are well equipped to meet the demand for print ads and banners without sacrificing brand consistency.



Great Lakes Agra has a large list of products they offer, which range in sizes and prices. We have come up with a particular look for each product line that reflects not only the brand as a whole, but also the quality of the individual product.

A challenge we had to overcome, was finding a design that would look good and print cleanly on a variety of bags and materials. For some products we used 4 colour labels, while others (like textured woven bags) we kept the design to a simple 2-3 colour graphic.



The GLA website connects the agricultural community and serves as a useful tool for customers to learn more about GLA’s services and products. The website ensures that the brand’s image and story are consistently expressed in the same way as their printed materials. This consistency helps reinforce brand recognition throughout Canada and the United States.

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