Custan Foods is a food importing and distribution company. With an enviable track record for selecting attractive product lines, Custan Foods adds value and volume to their customers’ sales. They do business with companies and manufacturers around the world, sourcing only the best products and making them available to consumers and retailers across Canada.

Since 2000




Each Custan Food project is different from the next, as each creative we provide is usually for a different company and product. With this is mind, our strategy is always to maintain the brand we are designing for, and create an eye-catching design that will stand out on the shelf.



Custan Foods is a family company and the brand was created by combining the names of the owner’s children. Wanting to have a brand that exudes tradition and family, we came up with the idea of a family crest. The colour blue is often used in the food industry to communicate trust and loyalty.



With Custan being a major importing and distribution company, they decided they wanted to their own line of canned and jarred vegetables. Picking up on elements from their original identity, we were able to expand their brand to encompass food products. Keeping with a strong yet simple colour palette, and appealing imagery, we created a look that would compete with the major brands on grocery store shelves.

Along with Custan’s food line, we have designed packages for other companies under their umbrella. MasterBaker is one of their key brands that we work alongside. Specializing in baked goods, we have developed looks for their tea biscuits, holiday speculaas and other cookie varieties.

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