Business Is Blooming for September Charm Flowers Despite COVID-19

SeptemberCharm Logo Image 1

SeptemberCharm Logo Image 1

September Charm Flowers, located in Burlington, Ontario on the corner of Appleby Line and Dundas Street, is a local florist and artisan shop.

Owner Katherine came to us in early 2017 with a dream to open a brick and mortar shop. Since opening her doors, business is blooming and September Charm Flowers was nominated for the Gold Reader’s choice award only after a few months in business.

She’s had so much business growth over the past few years that she started to get overwhelmed with custom orders funneling in from all types of places: Instagram, Facebook, Phone Calls, Emails, and Store Drop-ins. She found herself wanting to tighten the reins in order to keep up with clients demands.

Streamline Orders Into One Platform: Shopify

In order to combat this issue, we proposed an eCommerce site to funnel all of her traffic through. Customers now choose their product, insert pickup or delivery details, and smoothly proceed through the payment process allowing her to complete bypass time consuming ordering steps.

All information is organized clearly in the backend where she can use her tablet with the Shopify app to fulfill orders, contact customers, and manage payments.
Instagram and Facebook integration allows Katherine to connect her products to her social media posts so the audience can be directed to her new website rather than filling up her social media inbox.

Standardized Products With a Custom Feel

One of the main benefits of visiting Katherin’s shop is that not only does she present to you with stunning and unique flowers options, but she also shows you what is in season and what would be most appropriate for the occasion. If it were solely up to the customers, they might not know what to select. There are a lot of options!

When a customer selects a product on her website, they have the option of selecting the overall theme of the product whether that be pastels, bright, white and green, or designers choice. This way the customer still feels like they’re putting in creative input without the risk of decision fatigue.

It’s the Little Things That Leave an Impression

Online branding is just as important as in-store branding. It has to make an impact everywhere the customer is. Your brand has to tell your story in print, online and in store.

It didn’t take much to convince Katherine that her website would be acting as the customer’s shorthand. Telling them what she does, who she is, and what she stands for. Since her clients appreciate beautiful things such as flowers, it’s important to put detailed touches wherever possible.

Branded details including icons, maps, favicons help reassure any website visitor that Katherine cares for the details just like how she cares about the quality of her product.

Conquering Odds During COVID-19

Our scheduled launch was accelerated due to the sudden first wave of retail closures. This meant that we had to react quickly. We launched the website ahead of schedule in order to be able to communicate to Katherine’s customers and provide them with an opportunity to continue to purchase products while her store-front remained temporarily closed.
This is where our Pick Up and Delivery options were a must! Upon checkout, customers have the option to choose whether they want to have the flowers delivered or to pick them up at the store. During Covid-19, the customers were able to select curbside pickup where Katherine had set up a bench to place orders outside of her temporarily closed store.

A Beautiful Conclusion

Katherine has experienced a tremendous relief in capturing orders with her new shopify website. All in one spot, this method allows her to delegate her tasks making way for her talent to shine through and for customers to continue to walk away satisfied.
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Lauren Ashmore
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