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Website 2.0 – Our Redesign

Although our work speaks for itself, we felt the delivery of our message wasn’t working as effectively on our current website.

So, in effort to create consistent messaging, a better user experience, and plain old simple helpful content, we took some time to plan out a new website strategy.

What was to our advantage was our strong foundation in our values and messaging as well as our understanding of our audience. We also are lucky enough to have a plethora of project examples, but we’ve experienced that project examples alone does not suffice. It’s about completing the digital circle – covering all touch points through the customer journey. We decided to go for it and spend some time redesigning.


Consistent Messaging: Both Visual and Text

We needed to further strengthen our brand on the website. We created a banner which highlights our main objective: Together, We Make Your Good Ideas Great to emphasize our main differentiator: to focus on building strong partnerships with our clients and make sure that their needs are met with our guidance.

Visually we decided to further incorporate our main graphic which symbolizes rock formations; naturally symbolizing strength and longevity.


All New Product Photos: Emphasis on Atmosphere

In addition we completely re-hauled our project photos to add more of an atmospheric point of view. We feel like this is more relatable to the client – to see final products in their final environments. For example, we took our Sofina tent cards and took photos of them on an actual deli counter.


Other mock-ups include the packaging in various computer-generated environments. For example for Budget Demolition, we placed the truck in an open warehouse space to compliment the truck.


Video Content: Harnessing User Curiosity

In Neilson’s Case study: The Evolution of Video, they mention that many opportunities present themselves to advertisers since consumers have access to video anywhere, anytime. They consider it a “rare opportunity to capture undivided attention” so we jumped at the chance to create a welcome video. This way we could show a new user about not only the practical facts about our agency but also our message!



Search Engine Optimization: Google Friendly

In today’s internet environment, it’s not only how a website looks and functions – but how it will work with search algorithms and advertising. Creating pages that are not only speedy but consist of SEO friendly text are only a couple of ingredients needed to excel on google. Search engines love relevancy. We were sure to research keywords which would reach our intended audiences in order to create relevant content. This is not only going to help us advance on the google rankings but ultimately will help with user engagement.

User Experience: Encouraging Action

We made sure to include many opportunities for users to act. For example, adding banners and buttons to encourage new users to fill our our online form. Also, prompts to view projects so they can see the services which we can provide.




We now have an even sturdier foundation to move forward with all of our marketing efforts. Digital and traditional marketing consist of many interconnected branches and this will act as the tree trunk. We can’t wait to report back with results. So far, we’ve noticed an increase in audience retention and our analytics show that users are spending more time on the site.

What about you?

Perhaps our site story has inspired you to get a redesign project underway. Contact us with the form below and we would be happy to talk to you about your site.