Why Choose Us? 40 Years and 6 Reasons Why

Experience That Scales

We’ve been crafting marketing and branding for local and international businesses for 40 years.
We’ve got experience and knowledge about the industry that other marketing companies simply can’t acquire.
While they’re catching up we’re helping clients:

  • Create packaging for custom point of sale orders for large distribution
  • Break into local and international markets
  • Articulate and communicate brand stories
  • Craft marketing solutions that will grow with the brand.

We’ve got the experience to help you bring your vision to life.

Real Relationships

Our small but mighty team regularly tackles big and small projects. The advantage of working with a small marketing agency like us is that we’re always available to speak to you directly while we complete your projects in-house, and afterwards, we offer any support you may need.

Nourishing relationships is important to us, and when our designs get to your shelves or customers, we’ll be celebrating with you.

Pointed, Professional Design

Every element of the marketing and branding we create for you will be visually appealing and attention-grabbing, we guarantee it. Our clean, professional designs are created to fit your message and their platform. Logos, web, and point of sale all call for slightly different designs, but still need to exemplify your brand and deliver a cohesive message.

Responsible, ROI Focus

Graphic designers who understand budgets? Yes, we exist! We’re priced competitively and we use your resources strategically, to give you the best ROI. You won’t find more responsible printers in Hamilton, because smart use of resources is best for both of us.


Messages That Matter

Our experience has shown us that sending the right message is the most important aspect of marketing, even beyond the graphic design. We’re adept at finding that message and strategically communicating it; whether it’s for B2C or B2B, or on a package, vehicle wraps, or billboard.

Consistent Passion

As you get to know us, you’ll find that our passion drives us. There’s no ping pong tables in our office, just people working hard. We get right down to business, because results motivate us. And our drive means that we always meet deadlines and deliver high quality products that produce results.


Tell us your vision. We’ll bring it to life.

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