Stonetown Cheese is a family run business located in St. Mary’s Ontario known for producing high quality artisan cheese. With years of experience working in the Swiss Alps, Hans and Jolanda Weber, together with their Master Cheese Maker Ramon Eberle, were able to successfully develop and produce their own products and start Stonetown Cheese. With vast opportunities for growth and a passion to earn recognition across Ontario, Stonetown Cheese came to us to create a look and feel that would reflect their company story.

September 2014



After meeting with Hans and Jolanda, it became quite clear that their heritage and passion for the cheese-making industry must be included in their overall brand. We needed to find a visual solution that would be recognizable enough for consumers, as well as flexible enough to span across a variety of materials.


Identity: Researching the Canadian and Swiss cheese industry we were able to develop a visual identity that was trendy, yet would also stand the test of time. Reflecting the cheese heritage and hand produced product, we gave the brand an artisanal feel. Hand drawn illustrations were paired with vintage type to create the authentic look that would gain recognition with consumers while sitting amongst other brands.

Print/Packaging: Knowing that Stonetown Cheese was producing a product that would be displayed with its competition, we had to make a label that would stand out from the rest. Continuing with the artisanal feel, we used a combination of hand drawn illustrations contrasting with bright colours to create an eye-catching package. With three varieties and a range of different sizes, it was important to make sure each label represented the brand and when displayed together, had a cohesive look.

Once the look of the illustrations, and the colour palette were defined, we were able to branch out and provide a variety of other print materials. Tradeshow banners, signs, brochures and flyers were all created to reflect the company’s heritage and reinforce Stonetown Cheese’s brand identity.

Web: With the new identity created, the company’s website needed to consistently reinforce the brand. A responsive web design was a key element in this project and included ensuring customers could easily locate vendors of Stonetown Cheese from any device, view and download a handful of recipes, and access any other information customers may need.