Second Nature is one of North American’s leading supplier of dried floral home décor botanicals. They also grow a wide variety of fresh ornamental branches and berries on their 70 acre production farm. Located in Rockton Ontario, Second Nature supplies their products to many garden centers, grocery stores, furniture/home stores, florists, commercial flower growers and bouquet manufactures.

January 2000



With Second Nature, it is important to keep in mind that they are a wholesale supplier, which means they have a need for an endless supply of marketing components. Our main goal is to ensure everything we create for Second Nature is an extension of their brand, ensuring consistency and a cohesive look between each project.


Print As a wholesale supplier, Second Nature often has catalogues that need to be created to go out to their clients. We work alongside the brand to showcase their products, ensuring their catalogue is organized and easy read. If the client is looking for something, we want them to be able to find it quickly.

Recently, we have created three seasonal catalogues for them – Fall/Halloween, Christmas and Everyday. Each catalogue maintains a similar layout and structure to stay consistent, while using branded colour swatches and reliable product descriptions.

Product labels are another area where brand consistency is critical. Second Nature sells a wide range of products and they are constantly changing their inventory, creating a need for new labels. The labels are simplified down to “collections.” We come up with a look and feel for each collection, and the product name and barcode is placed on the label in-house.

Web: Second Nature’s website was designed to provide a quick company overview for wholesale suppliers. It is simple and to the point, with an area for members to login and create their order. Showcasing some of their products with imagery, the user can get a good idea of the company’s product offerings.