PC Beer, a division of Loblaws, has always had a collection of domestic beers offered at The Beer Store. Last year, PC Beer decided to launch a new line of international beers, which would be offered to the consumer at a competitive price while remaining true to the international flavours.

June 2014



Our challenge was to create a design for four distinct cans of international beer that not only reflected their country of origin, but also printed nicely on cans. The printing process on aluminum cans is different than regular printing, so with this in mind, we wanted something that would work well on the aluminum.


Print/Packaging: Our creative team developed the concept of developing four designs that reflected the country of origin for each beer. We also made the decision to create something iconic and geometric in nature. Bright colours and bold shapes hadn’t been done in the LCBO or Beer Store. By breaking away from the norm, we designed cans that were truly original. Taking the colours and shapes from each countries flags, (which our research showed were most easily recognizable), we designed an abstract can that would differentiate the product in a highly competitive shelf-driven market.

Web App: Along with the creation of the international beer cans we designed a Web App called “Weekly Beer Bargains”. Once users download the free app, they are able to see, on a weekly basis, which beers have the best deals per/ml. With just a few screens you can not only view this information, but you can also search a particular brand and compare it, price-wise, with others. This app was a creative way of engaging consumers with one of the brand’s core values – competitive pricing.