Since 1983, Nutreco has been a leader in the pet food industry, offering a wide range of dry pet products for commercial and specialized markets. From premium products to private brands, Nutreco’s goal is to provide superior nutrition and high quality pet food. Ideally located in St. Marys, Ontario, they take advantage of the local ingredient sourcing, distributing their product across Canada, the US and Japan.

Since 2007



We’ve worked closely with Nutreco for over ten years to create packaging that will stands apart from the competition, while showcasing the brand’s value and superior offering.


Since working with As Advertising, Nutreco has noticed a significant improvement in brand awareness, resulting in a business increase of more than 80%.



Grain Free: The Wholesome Blend Grain Free Pet Food is a premium product that needed premium packaging to reflect its high quality. The challenge was to create a look that screamed sophistication, quality and was still able to communicate the variety of Canadian ingredients. We accomplished a sophisticated, premium look for the product by using a combination of matte and metallic finishes, alongside carefully chosen colours and imagery.


Naturally Fresh: The Wholesome Blend Naturally Fresh Pet Food is another premium product that needed a package to showcase both high quality and natural ingredients. Creating a look that reflected a classic package from the butcher is the direction we went. Using elements like rustic string and craft paper imagery, coupled with illustrations and labels to reflect the natural ingredients used allowed us to take the butcher theme to a new level.



Having designed the packages for the new products first, we then created print material to strengthen the brand recognition for each product line. Focusing on each brands unique look, we have created tradeshow materials such as banner stands and display booths, as well as leave behind pamphlets and brochures.



Appealing to pet lovers and a range of buyers, three videos were made to echo three different lines of pet food. Grain Free, Naturally Fresh and Lifetime all appeal to different markets, each needing its own video. Focusing on not only each products ingredients and marketing call-outs, each video tells the brand story by reflecting on pet and owner interactions, helping consumers create an emotional connection with the brand.